We regret to inform you that under the guidance of public health and medical professionals, the University of Wisconsin-Madison Campus and Mead Witter School of Music have decided to cancel the 2020 UW Varsity Band Spring Concert due to concerns over the coronavirus.

Class instruction for all courses is moving online with face-to-face meetings and all large group gatherings and events on campus cancelled from March 14 through at least April 10. No face-to-face classes means the Badger Band won’t be able to meet and rehearse for at least the next four weeks and that all community runout concerts are cancelled as well.

A full statement by the University can be found at: https://covid19.wisc.edu


The UW Athletic Department will be issuing full refunds in the coming days. Please allow up to 10 business days for your funds to be available for use as the Varsity Band Spring Concert is only one of a number of large scale events that they are working with.


Please see information from UW Transportation Services below.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you for your support of the Badger Band. We look forward to seeing you again at a Badger Bash, on the field, or in the stands in the future.

On Wisconsin!


Message from UW Transportation Services:

For those who have purchased permits in advance to attend the UW Varsity Band Spring Concert will be issued full refunds.

Please Note:

Per campus policy, UW Transportation Services requires patrons to return their parking permits while requesting a refund.

If you paid by Credit/Debit Card for your permit(s), it may take 2-6 weeks depending on your bank.

If you paid by Check, it normally takes 4-6 weeks to receive a refund check however, given the circumstances and the potential large quantity of check refund request across campus, it may take longer with this process.

We are asking that you send permit(s) back via mail or drop permit(s) off to us if possible per campus policy.

If Mailing, please mail to:

Attn: Special Events
610 Walnut St
Room 124 WARF
Madison, WI 53726

If dropping off, you can stop by one of our locations to do so “Attn: Special Events”:

1) At the Front Desk
610 Walnut St
Room 124 WARF
Madison, WI 53726

2) With our Customer Service Staff – Welcome Center
21 N. Park St.
Madison, WI

We asked that you are patient with us during this time as we will have several customers to work with to ensure everyone is provided their refund.