The curriculum for Music 42 (Varsity Band) is focused on improving individual playing skills, establishing and developing sight-reading skills, developing music memorization skills, developing and maintaining the embouchure, improving the individual’s grasp of essential elements of music, and refining the links between kinesthetic movement and music. Performing for athletic events as well as the general public, while essential, is only a part of the focus of the course. In these unprecedented times, this ensemble can serve as a beacon of hope and pride that lifts the spirits of the community while demonstrating the value of an arts education and the need for shared experiences through live performances as soon as it is safe to do so.

On September 7, Chancellor Blank sent out a message regarding a two-week emphasis on health and safety protocols:

Effectively immediately, in-person activities by the UW Marching Band are suspended as directed by the administration of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

This action is necessary as part of the overall campus response to the rapid growth of COVID-19 cases in our student population, as communicated by the Chancellor to all students. In-person rehearsals and instruction will not resume until we have been granted permission to do so. We, also, respectfully request that you not gather in outside groups to rehearse on University facilities.

We will contact members of the Marching Band in the coming days regarding how we will shift our focus to online instruction for everyone until we receive clearance to return to in-person cohort groups.