Union South

The pre-game concert at Union South is a newer tradition, which gives Badger fans a preview of the music they will hear in Camp Randall Stadium. The Union South pre-game concert occurs at every home game and takes place approximately an hour before kick-off.

The concert begins after the tubas arrive. The band plays a warm-up exercise and a tuning note. Tuning is interrupted by a skyrocket from the tuba section, which usually refers to Mike or the opposing team. The band then plays two rousing choruses of On Wisconsin that gets the already spirited crowd even more excited for the game. Mike will then greet the Badger fans and then welcome the opposing fans that have made the trek to Madison to support their team. The Badger Band will then give the opposing fans a treat by playing their school song. Following the opposing school song, Mike will have the band play musical selections from the pre-game and halftime shows. Of course, the crowd always wants more and chants of “We Want Bud” can be heard coming from the Badger faithful. After giving in to the crowd by playing You’ve Said it All, the band prepares for the march over to Camp Randall Stadium.

5th Quarter
The Band Banquet
Band Day
On Wisconsin Finale
Reversing the Caps
Tuba March
Varsity Arm Swing