Join the 2019 Marching Band

Thank you for your interest in joining the University of Wisconsin-Madison Marching Band! Registration is required to audition for the marching band. Registration is now closed.

2019 Audition Information

Prospective Members – Early move-in will take place on Monday August 19 from 12:00p-4:00p. An informational mixer will take place on Monday evening and music auditions will begin on Tuesday, August 20. Registration is required to audition for the UW Marching Band.

The deadline to sign-up for early move-in (via the link above) is August 1. A $270 charge will be applied to your tuition bill for accessing university housing prior to the official move-in date.

Returning Members – Evaluations and rehearsals will be held on August 19-20.

**A detailed schedule with times and activities will be sent to via email by Friday, August 2**

General Audition Information

The audition will consist of two elements: a music audition and a marching audition.

Winds: Music Auditions

  1. Chromatic scale (demonstrate as much of your range as possible)
  2. C major scale (concert pitch, two octaves if possible)
  3. A-flat major scale (concert pitch, two octaves if possible)
  4. Select and prepare two separate musical excerpts:  one demonstrating your technical abilities and one demonstrating your lyrical abilities. We recommend you prepare 3 minutes of music total between the two selections. These etudes can come from solos, honor band auditions, or concert music. We just want to hear you at your best!
  5. Sight Reading

Percussion: Music Auditions – Please refer to the information in the Drumline Handbook.

Marching Audition – Marching auditions will consist of UW Marching Band fundamentals and marching while playing. All fundamentals will be taught during the audition process.